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Your Left Coast Round-Up


A buncha things… 1. The DVC movie will be huuuuge. Giant opening weekend, big business all summer long. Think Harry Potter for (sort of) grown-ups. I am not saying it will be great, but Hanks and director Ron Howard are pretty darn reliable as popular entertainers. My guess is they add a character or some dialogue to throw some skepticism on the plotline, so they can at least try to dodge the anti-religious accusation. 2. Patty Heaton would not likely have been a serious contender for “The View” when she just shot a sitcom pilot for ABC. 3. The trailer for Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto is up on Apple’s website. Don’t know what to make of the movie, but if you want to see something funny, watch to about 1:45 or so in the trailer. When you see the shot of the monkey scream, pause and then go backwards frame by frame. Mel, you prankster! (Thanks, Cool Craig.)

On a somewhat more serious note, I hear buzz that the May Day protests are going to be very, very big here. I spoke last night to some affluent suburban public high school kids who all planned to walk out in “solidarity,” though that might well be in solidarity with the people who just like to blow off class.


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