For the Record

by John O'Sullivan

As a hidebound Tory who generally begins by hating all redesigns (including those I superintended myself), I think the new–look NRO looks really good. And I didn’t need the usual adolescent guide to help me master the new map. It’s very simple.

Second I, too, usually think that Colbert is terrific. I saw only excerpts of his Saturday performance but he seemed off-form. Maybe his understated form of humor just doesn’t translate to these big hall events.

Third, taking off from Mark Steyn’s pursuit of the fake Jefferson quote, how about this syllogism: Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Treason is the highest form of dissent. Therefore treason is the highest form of patriotism.” Such lines used to be followed by the injunction: Discuss. And I have the eerie feeling that some contemporary leftists would do so quite seriously.

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