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Attention Everyone: Go See United 93


United 93 is a harrowing, gripping, and at times unpleasantly intense experience, and with that caveat, I genuinely believe everyone needs to go see it. The film tracks the events of September 11 from the perspective of the passengers of the titled airliner (including the hijackers), as well as air traffic controllers, the FAA, and the military. None of the actors are stars, though seasoned TV and movie watchers may recognize a few faces. A number of the military, government and airport people portray themselves. The effect is to remind you over and over that these were real people, men and women doing their jobs, pilots, flight attendants, and they were killed in the name of a fanatic agenda.

My pulse started to elevate almost as soon as the movie started, and the suspense built until the terrible climax. But this is no “thrill ride of the summer” to be enjoyed with a large popcorn and soda. This movie is a wake-up call, a reminder of Why We Fight, a stark and chilling testament to the horror of that day, which I fear has faded too fast in our collective memory bank. As I watched the second plane slam into the South Tower, seen from the perspective of the Newark Airport control tower, I experienced again the same feeling that shortly begins to grow among the passengers huddled in the back of Flight 93: we must fight back.