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Fast Cars that Don’t Always Work


I took my sons on Saturday to the Pomona Nitro Nationals drag races. In addition to really loud and fast races with cars that occasionally go almost nowhere, there was a whole carnival of stuff to do and look at for people who like cars. Hard to imagine that such a red-state experience can be found within an hour’s drive of, say, Santa Monica, but that’s Los Angeles and indeed California for you.

On a more personal level, if you felt a surge of sexiness in the world on Friday afternoon, that was because I got my car back from the shop . After a month and a king’s ransom, all the things that were broken are fixed. And, predictably, a few things that were fixed are now broken. There is a hideous noise coming from underneath at about 1200 rpm, and some of the electronics are funky. I don’t know anymore. I recently watched Jaws again, and I found myself very drawn to Chief Brody’s mid-seventies Chevy K5 Blazer, kinda like this one . It’ll cut down on the speeding tickets, too.


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