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Well, Lookee Here


Let’s take a gander inside the ol’ mailbag.  It’s TV academy screener time, meaning I get two or three exceptionally overpackaged DVD sets every day.  Hmm…  What’s this one?  A four DVD set of Battlestar Galactica?  Wow.  A handsome leatherlike wallety thing to keep them in.  Well, I am not much for sci-fi and I don’t know anyone who would want them…

Or do I?

Academy regulations strictly prohibit the sale of Academy screener DVDs, and I have never done it, and no pointless checking of my eBay records is required.  Meanwhile, Academy regulations are more, shall we say, hazy on the idea of permanently loaning the DVDs to a certain couchbound BSG fan in exchange for him videotaping himself dancing in front of the Lincoln Memorial in his swimsuit.  You know…  Again.


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