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Afternoon Delight


I hate to break in on all the important and informative talk about immigration, but I do want to report that the NR cruise on the Rhine (May 4-13) was really a treat. Good food (of which I ate too much, although I did manage to lose four pounds, through all the great walks we took on shore), peaceful upstream movement, lovely and historic views, special conversations, and the fun of listening to the presenters (all of whom I admire, and seldom have had a chance to converse with at leisure). Many of the couples on board were on their third, sixth, or even twelfth NR cruise — and I can see why. I will not soon forget some of the onshore visiting in Cologne, the Moselle valley, and Heidelberg especially. The nighttime cognac and cigars, even limited to gratefully received second-hand smoke, were especially pleasant ways to end the day….Thanks to all who made our good time possible! That means you, Jack, Howard, Ed, and all the others.