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Mark Krikorian, There You Go Again


In your most recent post, Mark, you batted away the suggestion that the president has adopted his present stand on immigration in order to avoid destabilizing Mexico. You write:

First of all, the president’s views are more deeply held than that — this [the situation in Mexico] may be on the list of things the White House is concerned about, but it’s not the source.

Maybe the president’s views are indeed more deeply-held than that. But what’s your evidence?

I ask because I so completely accept the point you made earlier:  namely, that if the president is merely making political calculations, then he may be open to the new calculations that restiveness among Republicans in the House is even now forcing upon him; but that, if he is instead acting out of some form of conviction, he may prove permanently obtuse, leaving the GOP in the House no choice but to break with him, decisively, openly, and vituperatively.

What are the president’s motivations–and how are we to know?


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