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A Show I Expect We Will Talking About Come September


The Schadenfreude-fest known as the TV Upfronts is over, and the broadcast networks have announced their schedules for the Fall. (Yes, I still have a job, and thanks to those who wrote to say they cared, and special thanks to ABC/Disney.) I want to point out a show that might be particularly interesting to those who find political opining more interesting than, say, figuring out the mysteries of a certain island. (What a show that is!) The new show is called Brothers AND Sisters  and will be on ABC in the plum spot after Desperate Housewives. It’s a family drama with a large ensemble cast, but the nominal lead is Calista Flockheart, who plays — get ready — a conservative TV-radio pundit. I’ve heard from someone who’s seen it that various political voices are represented, but the show aims for balance and seems to play fairly straight up. Frankly, I’ll take it as a victory when any conservative character is on a network show without immediately being pilloried.


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