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Turkey Update


Tension continues. Erdogan—who skipped the funeral of the assassinated judge—left the country today for a meeting in Egypt, but not before chiding the head of the army who had praised those marching in support of the constitution. Former President Suleyman Demeril has called for early elections . Momentum is shifting away from the AKP. Meanwhile, The New Anatolian, a mainstream English-language paper has published an interview with former premier Bulent Ecevit, who suffered a brain hemorrhage just hours later. In the interview, Ecevit concluded “the government should withdrawal.” With the Turkish people turning against their terrorist-embracing leadership, we should do nothing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. On May 15, Erdogan told Turkey’s NTV television that he wished to come to Washington. Hopefully, the White House will just say no. There will be plenty of time to talk with Erdogan’s successor, but for now we should let Turkish democracy take its course.