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Defending Hanks


While I have yet to see TDVC (going in a little bit) and I completely agree with the bulk of Stanley Kurtz’s post on conservatives and culture , I think it’s entirely unfair to brand Tom Hanks “one of the captains of the not-so-secret conspiracy” out to destroy conservative traditions.  His resume does include Big Love and TDVC, but let’s not overlook Saving Private Ryan, Apollo 13, Band of Brothers and From the Earth to the Moon.  And he is apparently directing an “Untitled John Adams Miniseries.”  So I can’t say I know anything of his politics, but his work does include a good amount of patriotic, traditional sentiment.

As someone who works in the entertainment business, I am always aware of the possibility of being unfairly connected to the political content of something I work on.  Now Mr. Hanks has the stature and clout to carefully control the material he works on, but most of us have by necessity worked on material that we may disagree with.  But someday someone may point a finger at me and say, “Hey, he wrote a sitcom episode about a sexual threesome!  He’s a hypocrite!”  Well, I did (and it was funny) but that doesn’t mean I am in favor of polyamory, which is by the way easily the worst new word to come along in quite a while.


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