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More Fodder for Those Who Hate America


Does anything show our culture’s decline more clearly than our current obsession with children swimming from Alcatraz to the mainland?  Last year it was a 9-year-old.  Now it’s a 7-year-old!  A 7-year-old Dr. Seuss creature named Braxton Bilbrey!  What’s next?   Well, let’s see, 9… then 7…  A 5-year-old!  A 5-year-old will be next.  And I won’t be surprised a bit when somewhere someone says, “That’s what I hate about America.  They make 5-year-olds swim from Alcatraz to the mainland.”  (Disclaimer to the one emailer who became enraged when I joked about this last year: I’m kidding!  I think it’s great, and these kids are brave heroes.  Okay?)


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