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RE: The Road to Gay Serfdom


Jonah’s post on the “randy railman” earlier does the gay ticket inspector an injustice. He’s not a state official, he’s an employee of the private sector. Mrs. Thatcher, bless her, privatized the state railroad.

Incidentally, years ago, when it was still the nationalized “British Rail,” I caught the all but deserted midnight train out of Paddington and was propositioned by a predatory lady ticket inspector who was anxious to clip a lot more than my Away-Day Off-Peak Excursion. (Do your own jumping-the-tracks jokes.) So, while I can well understand it might be exhausting having to shake him off on your commuter shuttle every morning, this predatory gay ticket inspector would seem to be a classic demonstration of the virtues of the free market over a state monopoly: more choice for consumers.


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