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Gore Employs Psychological Tactics to Ready Nation for Candidacy


From Yahoo News: “Al Gore, the Democrats’ nominee for the White House in 2000, says he has all but ruled out running for president in 2008, saying the best use of his time is to educate people about global warming.  “I haven’t made a Sherman statement, but that’s not an effort to hold the door open. It’s more the internal shifting of gears,” said Gore, referring to Civil War-era general William Tecumseh Sherman. “I can’t imagine any circumstances in which I would become a candidate again. I’ve found other ways to serve. I’m enjoying them.”"

“See, what I’m really doing here,” the former Vice President continued in a hushed tone, “is using reverse psychology.  It’s a technique developed by sitcom Dads in the fifties, where I pretend not to run when I really am running, so when I announce that I really am running, people go, “whoa, wait a second, he said he wasn’t running!”  It’s going to be huge, trust me.”  [Note: second paragraph here not actual Gore.]


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