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The Star Trek Challenge: Upping the Ante


Since this Trek-ban backlash seems to be motivating many Corner readers to give, I’m upping the ante. If the Trek-o-Meter hits $20,000 by the end of the weekend, NRO will launch a line of Trek-inspired merchandise.


(On the comment section of the donate form, let me know what–within reason–you’d like to see on a Star Trek inspired NRO mug, shirt…and what you’d want.)


And your added Star Trek Challenge Week’s End Bonus: If by 12:00 A.M. EST Monday the Trek-o-Meter hits $25,000, Star Trek Day on NRO becomes Star Trek Week on NRO.

Have a go at it, Trekkies. I might even concede Star Trek ban defeat if you do it.  

Go to work here.

And thanks again.

A last reminder: if you want to be counted in the Stsr Trek counter, you need to include “pro-Trek” in the comment section of the donation form.

Thanks again,.


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