Liberalism Is the Answer

by Michael Potemra

Now, I’m sure many NRO readers, looking at that headline, are thinking to themselves, “It must have been a pretty dumb question.” But some of us older folks in the conservative camp cling stubbornly to a self-identification as “liberal,” because what we are trying to conserve is not feudalism or authoritarianism, but a tradition of ordered liberty –a system the American experience has shown to be the best guarantee of human rights, material progress, and social peace. Chana B. Cox, a senior lecturer at Lewis and Clark College, is convinced that religious liberalism along these lines is the only solution to the challenge posed to the world by Islamist violence. She has written an eloquent and persuasive book, Liberty: God’s Gift to Humanity , and also has a website . (While we’re at it, I recently discovered — and cannot recommend highly enough — the Online Library of Liberty , which is a splendid resource offered by the Liberty Fund: free online access to a broad selection of the best works of classical-liberal literature.)

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