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So CIA analysts concluded that Osama bin Laden wanted George Bush to win the 2004 election, and this is why he released a video tape just days before the election? If true, this is just more evidence that the spy agency needs a thorough cleaning. There is no doubt that had Bush been defeated in 2004 it would have been seen as a resounding repudiation of his war leadership, and a humiliation of the United States, which are principal objectives being sought by Al Qaeda. The convoluted theory that somehow a Bush victory would sustain bin Laden’s leadership against a Zarqawi challenge is simply nonsense. Yet, it apparently had a great deal of traction in the Agency. One might more straightforwardly conclude that a Bush victory would be viewed as a defeat in Al Qaeda — and might explain why bin Laden went silent for a whole year. There is no doubt that bin Laden helped the President win re-election, but that does not mean he intended to — the enemy have consistently shown they have a poor understanding of our society and what is important to us. In his video Osama said it didn’t matter who won, but he spent much of his time blaming the President for all the world’s troubles. We really should take it at face value. Analysts who warp this into a pro-Bush strategic move are working at about the same level as Zarqawi’s wife saying OBL sold him out to the Americans. It is no wonder we have not been able to apprehend bin Laden with folks like that on the case. And now word comes that the Agency is disbanding the dedicated bin Laden team? Under the circumstances that sounds like a very good move.


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