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Re: Cross Border Aggression Indeed


Andy’s the expert on law, but if I could just add one more example to his litany: On April 15, 2002, a UN Human Rights Commission vote provided legal cover for suicide bombing. According to the The National Post the next day:

“Six European Union countries yesterday endorsed a United Nations document that condones violence as a way to achieve Palestinian statehood…Canada and two EU countries — Britain and Germany — opposed the measure, which supports the use of ‘all available means, including armed struggle’ to establish a Palestinian state. Guatemala and the Czech Republic joined the opposing voices, but with 40 countries of the 53-member commission voting yes and seven abstaining, the resolution is now part of the international record… ‘The failure of the resolution to condemn all acts of terrorism, particularly in the context of recent suicide bombings targeting Israeli civilians, is a serious oversight which renders the resolution fundamentally unacceptable,’ said Marie Gervais-Vidricaire, Canada’s ambassador to the commission. ‘There can be no justification whatsoever for terrorist acts….’ EU members Austria, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden approved the resolution, and Italy abstained.”


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