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An International Force for Lebanon?


Both Tony Blair and Kofi Annan are calling for deployment of an international peacekeeping force to Lebanon.  Yeah, right. Three reasons why it’s a bad idea: 

  • The 1983 bombing of U.S. peacekeepers and their subsequent withdrawal;
  • The 2003 bombing of UN peacekeepers in Iraq and their subsequent withdrawal; and,
  • While it’s now forgotten in the West, Hizbullah crossed the border once before and kidnapped Israeli soldiers.  The UN’s response?  They videotaped the attack and refused at first to acknowledge it in order to preserve their “neutrality.”  Read the second half of this for details.
 Sadly, terrorists believe that international peacekeepers are toothless.  They are right.  Let’s call the Annan-Blair plan what it is: A Hizbullah Re-empowerment Plan.


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