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Derb on Parenting


Look, Derb’s right on the science. That doesn’t mean the science won’t be tweaked as time goes on, it doesn’t mean that parents don’t make any difference at all, he’s just communicating our current best understanding, and the data that he’s using for evidence aren’t all that bad. And this is said by a man who just an hour ago returned from a dinner in which all four of his children were gathered, on the eve of daughter #2′s wedding, proud as punch about how they’ve all turned out. I am not lacking parental feeling. I am sure that they wouldn’t have turned out as well if they’d had awful parents. But if they’d been adopted into families with ordinarily decent parents, I have to swallow hard and admit they would probably have turned out just fine. In the case of our son, it’s probably even less my doing–as my wife says of his personality, “He could have been adopted at birth by Teddy Kennedy, and he’d still be a libertarian.”

So don’t beat up on Derb, unless you can bring some evidence to the conversation. He’s done his homework.


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