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Hezbollah’s Insatiable Appetite


In 2000, the U.N. certified Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon as complete. Hezbollah raised the issue of Shaba’a farms to justify its continued existence.

Now, some diplomats—falling into the trap of rewarding violence with concession—suggest that Israel evacuate the mountainous Shaba’a area.

Not only is this bad policy, but it would do nothing to whet Hezbollah’s appetite. Hezbollah claims much more than Shaba’a. The organization has also demanded the return of seven villages in the Israeli Galilee: Ibl Qamah, Hounine, Malkieh, Nabi Yusha, Kades, Saliha, and Teir Bikha. There are also disputes over the divided village of Ghajar and the Wazani Springs. Avi Jorisch has a useful summary here.

There is always going to be another Hezbollah demand. All the more reason why Foggy Bottom shouldn’t try to appease yet another problem away.


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