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Re: Fifth Column


Of course, it doesn’t help that the British government’s idea of outreach is to engage radical clerics like Yusuf Qaradawi.  Islamism chic isn’t just about Ken Livingstone, anymore.  The British Foreign Office just last month flew Qaradawi to Istanbul at British tax payer expense to address a conference.  And of course, also last month, a whistleblower exposed a concerted effort of British diplomats to engage the most radical, anti-liberal clerics.

What do these radicals think about the West?  About ten years ago—long before the Iraq war or the 2000 election—Emmanuel Sivan translated and analyzed some of the most popular audio tapes sold in the Middle East.  Of course, if we’d only engage some more and maybe even offer terror sponsors more light-water nuclear reactors, then everything would be okay.


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