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Re: Breeding Terrorism


John Derbyshire is right.  Lorenzo Vidino, author of Al-Qaeda in Europe, wrote an MEQ article charting the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe.  Asking why Europe provides such fertile ground for Islamist terror recruitment, he observed:

The Muslim Brotherhood’s ample funds and organization have contributed to their success in Europe. But their acceptance into mainstream society and their unchallenged rise to power would not have been possible had European elites been more vigilant, valued substance over rhetoric, and understood the motivations of those financing and building these Islamist organizations. Why have Europeans been so naïve? Bassam Tibi, a German professor of Syrian descent and an expert on Islam in Europe, thinks that Europeans—and Germans in particular—fear the accusation of racism.  Radicals in sheep’s clothing have learned that they can silence almost everybody with the accusation of xenophobia. Any criticism of Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations is followed by outcries of racism and anti-Muslim persecution. Journalists who are not frightened by these appellatives are swamped with baseless and unsuccessful but expensive lawsuits.

The frivolous lawsuit angle is a strategy increasingly employed in Canada and the United States as well.


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