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I just saw Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center.  My reaction was like Kathryn’s and Cal Thomas’s  I also agree with Cliff about criticisms from conservatives.  For me, the movie did enough to allay such concerns.

Having said that, I think this movie is a very delicate compromise.  It proves that a degree of national unity about 9/11 is possible.  Unfortunately, it also shows just how narrow and delicate that unity is.  Consider these reverse-image reviews by Peter Suderman at NRO and Dana Stevens at Slate. Suderman wants more attention to the big issues of terrorism.  He’s disappointed at the focus on personal stories alone.  Stevens, on the other hand, is distressed by even a cut-away shot of the earth, precisely because the shot obliquely suggests a political dimension to what’s going on.  The contrast between these reviewers is a tribute both to Stone’s ability to thread the needle, and to the deeply fractured nature of our politics.


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