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Good for Romney.  However, meanwhile, Khatami was at the U.N. yesterday and gave an interview Robin Wright reports on in the WAPO today saying, among other things, that he has never called for wiping Israel off the map, but then he says: “The practical policy of the Islamic republic has never been to eliminate or wipe Israel off the map. And I don’t believe that this policy has changed with the change of president.”  Khatami also said, “Tehran has not rejected U.S.-backed incentives to end uranium enrichment for its nuclear energy program.”  And: “So far, whenever the United States has tried to solve its disputes through military means, it has not achieved its objectives.”

You know what these comments reminded me of?  What MLK said about the governor of Alabama in 1963: “his lips are dripping with the words of interposition and nullification.”  Of course “interposition” and “nullification” had a specific meaning in terms of law and history–but I think King was also playing off a pretty good double entendre of those words too, and they apply exactly to what Khatami is all about right now. Because Ahmadinejad has said all of what Khatami said he has not:Ahmadinejad is clear about wiping Israel off the map, Khatami says Ahmadinejad does not want that. 

Ahmadinejad has rejected U.S. and U.N. incentives, Khatami said he has not.  And then, for added dollops of criticism, Khatami blames the U.S. for exacerbating world problems with our occasional military responses when Iran is the leading terrorist state in the world.  Of course Ahmadinejad and Khatami are far worse than George Wallace, but interposition and nullification are good words for what is going on here.  Perhaps a better way to put it: Snow job.


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