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apology demanded


  There is more than enough religious anger in the world.  So it is
particularly disturbing that the New York Times, the leading voice of
secular liberalism (America’s fasted growing religion), has insulted
Catholics by falsely accusing the Pope of fomenting religious

        In the most provocative part of today’s editorial, The New York
Times uses the Pope’s opposition to Turkey’s entry into the European
Union as proof that the Pope did in fact mean to offend Muslims,
despite his protestations to the contrary.  Of course, the conviction
that national or regional boundaries ought to take account of
significant cultural differences cannot and should not be stigmatized
as offensive and bigoted.  Yet the Times expanded this already
provocative line of argument by implying that traditional Catholics
are intolerant, and incapable of interfaith dialogue.  The Times also
intentionally confused the boundary between deliberate offense and
unintentional offense based on carelessness or misunderstanding.

        The New York Times therefore needs to offer a deep and persuasive
apology to the Pope, and to Catholics everywhere, thereby
demonstrating that editorialists and secular liberals can heal as
well as offend.  The future of comity between secular liberals and
our nation’s religious Christians depends upon it.


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