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Today there will be some quite interesting — and perhaps historic — speeches in the General Assembly, where the 61st Plenary Debate kicks off in a few minutes with a speech by Kofi Annan (please join me across the country in shouting “G’BYE!!!” if he dares to say the words “unique legitimacy”).  Annan will be followed by the President of the General Assembly, the President of Brazil, “Lula” da Silva, and the President of the United States, at roughly 10-minute intervals — Bush is scheduled to speak at 11:30 Eastern Time.

Other highlights of the morning session: Sometime after noon, the presidents of Pakistan, France, and Poland will speak in that order.  Those are liable to be interesting speeches, especially that of Chirac who will be explaining why France still matters and why “multipolarity” justifies Paris insinuating itself to its advantage in every problem of particular concern to the United States.  Keep in mind that according to a recent poll, 56% of the French favor military strikes against Iran to keep them from getting nukes.  Also keep in mind that Chirac, representative of the Gaullist part, is perhaps more widely and deeply hated by old-school Gaullists than de Gaulle’s arch-nemesis Mitterand.

This afternoon, shortly after 3pm, expect President Vicente of Fox of Mexico to make the most anti-Hugo Chavez comments you are likely to hear in the General Assembly this year.  “People who blame others for their problems” is how Fox usually begins a criticism of Chavez.  Chavez recently declared that Felipe Calderon, Fox’s chosen successor, “stole” this year’s election from the leftist candidate (Andres Lopez Obrador), thus impugning the legitimacy of the incoming government of Mexico.  Fox has since thrown the gloves off.

Starting sometime after 5:00pm will come Bolivia’s new president, Evo Morales (essentially Hugo Chavez reduced to near-illiteracy) followed immediately by the President of Iran.  The latter will be going for a standing ovation, and if he gets it, that will be as good a time as any to declare that the United Nations has been officially taken over by the “brutal and savage forces” it was created to defend us against.
Hugo Chaves will speak tomorrow I think.  More to come throughout the day…


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