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Chavez Humiliates Cuba


Andy, the Spanish word for “sulfur” is azufre.  The letter “z” in Spanish is pronounced (except in Spain) as an “s,” hence the alliteration in señor azufre, which is the nickname Chavez gave to Bush at his “press conference” after his unintentionally self-humiliating speech at the General Assembly.

By the way, I don’t know if anybody noticed, but Chavez had the delicacy and good taste to host a press conference, and steal the media spotlight, at the precise moment that his “friend” the Vice President of Cuba was making his speech at the General Assembly. 

CNN-Spanish was going to cover the Cuban’s remarks live, but instead (following notoriety) had to go to the Chavez press conference.  I suspect many media outlets did the same.

Many in Cuba — and many officers in its armed forces — regard the vassal fealty Castro pays to Chavez as an abomination.  Cuba was always a leader in Latin America.  Now, it is has been reduced to the status of yesterday’s thrill in the bordelo bolivariano of Hugo Chavez. 

This chusma makes enemies even among those who want to be his friend.  Hugo Chavez is a flash-in-the-pan. 


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