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Iran’s Nuclear Program


Tuesday’s hearings in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee were the most informative and incisive discussions I have yet heard on this topic. Opening statements are here, and you can stream video of the event on C-SPAN’s website by scrolling down this page. Another great resource is the periodically updated Iran Watch status report of the Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control. (Subscribe to email updates here).

One of the experts testifying at the SFRC pointed out a fundamental problem in the negotiations, which is that the parties are not negotiating for the same thing. The west wants Iran to stop developing enrichment and reprocessing capabilities, because they constitute ipso facto a nuclear weapons breakout capability, and no plausible explanation has been advanced for peaceful use. But Iran has no intention of stopping this development and is engaged in the negotiations as a confidence-building measure so that there won’t be a confrontation. Therefore, a confrontation is inevitable sooner or later.