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The Columbia Disgrace


Andy, I’m late to the party on the outrage caught on tape at Columbia University the other day, but I agree that this is a big deal and should not be allowed to disappear.  I just viewed the video via Powerline, which has more good coverage. (The beginning and the end of the video are the key parts.)  And thanks to David French at Phi Beta Cons for alerting me to this.

Europe is churning out one scary story after another about problems flowing from poorly controlled immigration and failed assimilation.  Unfortunately, this tape makes it clear that America is vulnerable as well.  Yes, I’ve been open to a (House side-leaning) compromise on immigration, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the very serious problems.  Americans concerned about uncontrolled immigration and the substitution of multiculturalism for assimilation should look at this video and recognize that someday their own freedom will be directly threatened by the sort of outrage now confined to campuses like Columbia.  And for people who don’t believe that conservative views are suppressed on college campuses, just have a look at the video.

As Powerline asks, where is Columbia’s administration?  These people were caught on tape.  Has anyone been punished?  Can anyone at Columbia report on the aftermath of this?  Has there been any action–even a statement–by Columbia’s administration?

Punishment and condemnation are necessary–and for reasons that go beyond simple justice.  If Columbia’s administration does nothing to punish the students who suppressed this speech, the message will go out that conservatives are no longer safe at Columbia university.  Of course that kind of message goes out, more subtly, at college campuses all the time.  But this sort of outrage is so far over the line that inaction by the administration amounts to direct collusion in leftist intimidation.  Conservatives can’t let this go by.  If we don’t say something about this, we are effectively abandoning college conservatives.


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