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French Civil War?


Is there a civil war on in France? Andrew, I’ve had tongue ever-so-slightly (but by no means entirely) in cheek when using that phrase (granted, it’s tough to pick that up on the Internet). But would you settle for calling what’s going on in France an intifada? I may be only part-way serious about “civil war” (“quasi civil war” sounds about right) but note that in this latest article one of the French police unions argues that, “what we are dealing with here is not youths in need of more social aid, but individuals declaring war on the Republic.” If the French government doesn’t start taking this intifada more seriously, it will find itself at odds, not only with rioting Muslim youths, but with its own police force.

On a related matter, here’s a supposed rebuttal by Gideon Rachman of the many “doom-mongering” American books about Europe’s demographic crisis. So far from disproving American predictions, Rachman instead confirms them.


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