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An Alternative Voting Strategy


If you are willing to spend the mental energy that Stuttaford and Derbyshire have spent thinking through the case for voting vs. not voting, you can also find out a little about the individual candidates you can vote on–and thus send “them” a message that’s a little more finely tuned.

If you share Derbyshire’s concerns about immigration, for example, you might vote for Sens. Santorum or Talent but not for DeWine. Depending on where they live, conservatives might choose to vote for Chocola or O’Donnell but not for Simmons or Weldon. You might, in other words, want to figure out which Republicans are part of the solution and which part of the problem.

If you’re like Derbyshire, Stuttaford, or me, you probably can’t vote in a tight House, Senate, or governor’s race anyway.


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