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The Christmas Tree on Public Ground


You set my mind at ease, Andrew. I do find it suspect that you took time to blog when you should have been watching the World Series, but that’s another matter. (I’m only blogging myself because the Tigers are up two to zip, and I had to take a break or slide into the Slough of Despond.)

One query, though, about Will’s assertion that Jefferson was “unbelieving.” How does Will know? Nowhere in Jefferson’s voluminous writings, I grant, can one find evidence that Jefferson accepted the Nicene Creed, let us say, at face value. But as far as I’m aware, nowhere can one find really compelling evidence that Jefferson was an atheist, either–or even (the type so dear to you, my utterly civilized Englishman) an agnostic. I can’t claim to have read all of Jefferson, but I’ve read around in him quite a lot, and I’d say the whole tenor and approach that he displays toward religion is that of a cool but still more-or-less convinced deist.

Feel free to appeal this judgment to Rick, whose ruling I will accept as final.

Now back to Game Two.


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