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Here’s a letter from a soldier who is also a conservative.  It’s just one opinion, and we certainly cannot and should not assume that it’s shared by the military as a whole.  Still, it’s well worth a read:

Sir, you are spot-on about not sitting out this election. Many of us in uniform are anxious about this election. Anyone can read and see from the news reports that the enemy here in Afghanistan and in Iraq is cranking up their efforts to produce many more American and allied casualties before the election, during the supposed holy month of Ramadan . We fear the enemy will be greatly emboldened if the party of cut-and-run wins and will crank up even worst offensives in the hope of our withdrawing all support of both manpower and materiel to our democratically-elected allies in Iraq and Afghanistan, just like our weak politicians did after the 1974 elections to our South Vietnamese ally.

We conservatives don t have the luxury of sitting out this election, because if the wrong politicians are elected, they will cut off all funding for military operations in Iraq, dooming our fledgling, democratically-elected ally to death and dismemberment. Everyone around the world, from the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan to the palaces in North Korea and Iran will be watching this election, this choice before the American people. Will we stand up for Liberty and continue to support our fledgling, democratically-elected allies of Iraq and Afghanistan, or will we abandon them, like our weak politicians did after the 1974 elections?

The choice is yours to make, I pray along with every fighting man and woman in uniform today, that you will make the right one and not give up on us. We will win any war you commit us to, as you have repeatedly done so in 2002 and in 2004, but we need you, the American voter, to secure our rear while we continue to fight abroad those that attacked us on September 11th. Don t give up on us, because we will never give up on you. Remember only you, the American voter, can lose a war by enabling the weak politicians to deny us victory. May God Bless you all and our great Nation.

A Soldier in Afghanistan


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