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Is Seymour Hersh Kerry’s Teacher -- or His Student?


Drudge links to a display of meanness and smallmindedness by Seymour Hersh, while outside the United States, in Canada — meanness toward the young Americans overseas willing to die for Seymour Hersch’s liberties.  He accuses them of worse atrocities and cruelty than any American army in history, and hopes that they come to be reviled and spat upon as much as their predecessors were, when Mr Hersh was a much younger man, but equally filled with hatred.   

Hersh’s words echo John Kerry’s words about his fellow soldiers down the years — “Genghis Kahn… genitals…free-fire zones…”  Why on earth do these two pampered men want their fellow citizens on the perilous field of battle reviled and spat upon when they return home?

Made to face the horror of their own dishonorable words,  both of them insist they were not demeaning real individual soldiers — no, they lo-ove soldiers. They were only putting down, they say, policies of government. Yeh, yeh.

The Hersh-Kerry disdain for their own fellows is not matched by disdain for the truly primitive atrocities performed by enemy forces. Their one aim seems to be to display the moral superiority of Hersh and Kerry over their own countrymen, who are still at risk of meeting sudden death on any given day.

The only thing I can’t figure out is whether Kerry was Hersh’s teacher, or Hersh Kerry’s. All we know for sure is that they sing (off key) from the same disgusting song book.


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