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Justice Served
America made it possible: The Editors on the Saddam verdict
NRO Symposium: Brookes, Hanson, May, McCarthy, Robbins, Roggio, Rubin, and Yon
The Reckoning of the Dead: Joseph Morrison Skelly on Hussein
Making History: Michael Novak on the trial and Iraqi democracy

Neoconservatives and the War

Con Job: Cohen, Frum, Gaffney, Ledeen, Perle, and Rubin on Vanity Fair

Senate Races

Steeleing the State?: Stephen Spruiell on Michael Steele and his converts
Where’s Justice?: Byron York on the neglected campaign issue
Prognosticator of Prognosticators: John J. Miller on the elections

On the Ballot
Clone Wars: Nikolas T. Nikas & Dorinda C. Bordlee on Amendment 2
Therefore Choose Life: Michael J. New on seizing the initiative
Therefore Choose Race?: Jack Dunphy on affirmative action in Michigan
Tangled up in Blue: Scott W. Johnson on Governor Pawlenty

In the House
Chris Pope, John Derbyshire, and Geoffrey Norman on the elections

Money Matters
Deroy Murdock, Jerry Bowyer, and Kristina Rasmussen on taxes

Marriage and the Family
The Supreme Court’s Back Alley: Clarke D. Forsythe on partial-birth abortion
Deconstructing Ted: David Klinghoffer on Ted Haggard

Baldwin Behaves Badly: Sheri Annis on Alec and Arnold


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