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“Time Mag’s Karen Tumulty (where do they find these names?) on Hoyer/Murtha”


It’s pretty hard to beat this for sheer demagoguery: ^  Karen Tumulty
Nancy Pelosi showed us something important about herself this week. If Tip O’Neill thought that all politics was local, Pelosi’s view is that it’s personal. But what may have more significance in the long run is what her caucus showed her — that, unlike the Republicans they are replacing, they will not march lockstep at every dictate from their leaders.
  Riiight, Karen.  The insurrections against Harriet Meiers and the Bush immigration scheme never happened.  Lord knows McCaine never ever challenged Frist or the White House.  Snowe and Collins always did what they were told.  And Specter was always in lockstep with his colleagues.   It was stormtroopers marching in lockstep, all the time.


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