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From the Evening Standard:

The war on terror has descended into farce after the Government refused to identify a July 7 suspect on the run from the security services. The Home Office insists the British Muslim, who describes himself as a ‘Holy warrior’, is such a grave threat to national security he must be under a control order. But, despite the 25-year-old committing a serious crime by repeatedly breaching the order and making himself a fugitive, John Reid will not take steps to lift his veil of secrecy…Investigators have linked him to two of the four bombers who claimed 52 innocent lives last year – ringleader Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer. The Daily Mail knows his identity, his shocking links to terrorists and has a photograph, but is unable to publish. Critics said it had reduced Labour’s so-called war on terror to farce. Ministers were told the fanatic – who also spent seven months in detention in Pakistan and is feared to have links to al Qaeda – either was an enormous threat to the public, and should be named to he could be caught. Alternatively, the Home Office must come clean he is not a danger and drop the pretence the man – and other control order suspects like him – must be kept under hugely-expensive surveillance…A senior police source added: ‘What is the point of alerting the public to somebody on the run, then refusing to let them see a photograph? It is a farce.’
Yes, of course, it’s a farce. It’s Blair’s Britain.


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