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Giant Non-Sucking Sound


As one of NR’s house Canadians, can I comment on this North American Union the maple hegemon is about to impose on the continent?

Chances of an EU-style sovereignty pooling arrangement in North America? Zero per cent – whatever Tom Tancredo and the CFR say. In Europe, the EU controls trade policy, sales tax rates, immigration and a ton of other stuff including the approved curvature of bananas. In North America, the Province of Quebec sets its own tax rates, controls its own immigration policy and regulates a ton of other stuff including the color of margarine (it is illegal to sell butter-toned butter substitutes in Quebec – hence, no I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. It would have to be a wan off-white color and you’d very easily believe it’s not butter). Seven million Quebecers are not going to submerge themselves within 300 million anglophones – and, as Quebec determines Canada’s disposition in almost everything, an EU-style North America is not going to happen.

So relax, and enjoy Thanksgiving – unless you’re Canadian, in which case you enjoyed it back on Columbus Day. Which is one more reason there won’t be a North American Union. At any rate not until the Hispanic States of North Mexico and the Islamic Dominion of Canada decide to merge circa 2037.


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