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Bollinger MIA


Where is Lee Bollinger?  Why have we as yet heard nothing from the president of Columbia University about his investigation into the mob attack that silenced Jim Glchrist?  Why has no punishment been meted out?  See this piece from The New York Post for more details on “Columbia’s Stonewall.” For background, here’s my original post on the Gilchrist incident, “The Columbia Disgrace.” This post, “Columbia Developments,” shows me falling for Columbia’s apparently bogus promise to investigate by using student “facebook entries.”  And this post, “Statement from Columbia,” shows me once again somewhat mollified by what has now been revealed as Columbia’s bogus and deceptive promise to investigate.  In short, Columbia has taken me, and conservatives in general, for a ride.  It’s now incumbent upon us to show Lee Bollinger that this will not go away.  We demand to know the results of Columbia’s investigation into the Gilchrist incident.  We demand punishment for the guilty parties.

Unfortunately, the Gilchrist incident is anything but isolated.  See “Mob Rule on College Campuses,” an excellent piece by Cinnamon Stillwell, for more on the death of free speech at our colleges and universities.  (Note: Lee Bollinger is an expert on free speech and the First Amendment!) The links in Stillwell’s piece are worth your time as well.


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