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Separated at Birth?


I was just reading up on Wikipedia the life of famous Irish playwright and drunk Brendan Behan, from which the following snippet:

Behan found fame difficult to deal with. He had long been a heavy drinker (describing himself, on one occasion, as ‘a drinker with a writing problem’ and claiming ‘I only drink on two occasions – when I’m thirsty and when I’m not’) and developed diabetes in the early 1960s. This combination resulted in a series of notoriously drunken public appearances, both on stage and television. After 1957, his books consisted of transcriptions of tape recorded conversation or of works written long before that date. He died, aged 41, in the Meath Hospital, Dublin, and was buried in Glasnevin Cemetery.  His last words were to several nuns standing over his bed, ‘God bless you, may your sons all be bishops.’

Then something clicked–something that had been nagging at me all through the Clinton years.  Check it out.


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