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There are about 20 conservatives in Manhattan; I know them all; and they all seem to be supporting Giuliani for president in 2008. (In some cases more vigorously than Giuliani himself seems to be.) Today Deroy Murdock argues that Giuliani is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination. His evidence is the state-by-state polls. If I were a Giuliani supporter, I would be hoping that his strategists don’t reach the same conclusion.

Giuliani’s supporters have been arguing that most of the people who back him in the polls must know, or be able to infer, that he is socially liberal on some issues. (Murdock points out that Giuliani was actually a socially conservative mayor by New York City standards.) Fair enough: But I doubt many of them know that Giuliani was for partial-birth abortion, and their perception of him as a law-and-order man may lead them to mistake his position on immigration as well. Anyway, Murdock says that his position on guns, abortion, and gay issues “may eventually gravitate to the right.” Fine. If he wants the nomination, time’s a-wasting.


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