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Here Come the Complaints


The Wash Post’s story about the new citizenship test includes this lede:

The Bush administration yesterday unveiled dozens of new questions that may be added to the nation’s naturalization test, and immigration advocates are concerned that the changes could make it more difficult for millions of legal immigrants to become U.S. citizens.

Fred Tsao, a former ACLU guy, appears to be the official anti-testing spokesman of immigrant-rights groups because he’s been quoted in several stories. Here’s what he told the LA Times:

“Some of the questions are just off the wall,” said Fred Tsao, policy director at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. “Other questions I found unusual. And the range of information that’s being asked for is much broader.”

One question asks applicants to name the federal minimum wage (answer: $5.15).

“Someone who came in from India as a software engineer isn’t necessarily going to know what the minimum wage is,” Tsao said.

And there’s absolutely no way they could learn it! Read the questions for yourself. Are they “unusual” or “off the wall”?