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Half Pence


I like Mike Pence and there’s much to be said for a “do nothing” Congress, but this graf in a Wash Post story on how Repubilcans plan to do nothing before slipping into the minority is pathetic:

“There is a lot of battle fatigue among members, probably on both sides of the aisle,” said Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), usually a reliable conservative firebrand. “Contrary to popular belief, members of Congress are human beings. They have a certain shelf life and a certain amount of energy to be drawn on. We’re tired.”

Nancy Pelosi keeps bragging about the Democrats’ first 100 hours. How about a GOP Congress that has a final 100 hours that reminds voters about what Republicans stand for? It could be small-bore stuff: the Colombia and Peru free-trade agreements, the Chris Smith bill on fetal pain, maybe something on taxes. Anything but this loser talk about “shelf life” and “we’re tired.”


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