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From  Marly-Gomont, France.   The London Sunday Times has the details, and Tim Worstall has the video.   “A quirky song that appeared on the internet last month about life in a tiny French village has sparked a bidding war by record companies to sign up the young artist whose “country rap” is suddenly being hailed as all the musical rage. Kamini, as the eccentric “rural rapper” is known, eschews the usual fare of French rap — the harsh world of the immigrant suburbs, where gangs of hooded youths beat policemen senseless and set fire to buses and cars.

Instead the 26-year-old son of a doctor from Congo takes a humorous look at life growing up in the only black family in Marly-Gomont, a village of 430 inhabitants in the northern region of Picardy. The video of him dancing to a catchy rhythm in fields with sheep and cows has certainly put Marly-Gomont on the map: it has been seen by an estimated 2m people over the past few weeks, turning Kamini into a phenomenon of le rap and prompting offers from recording companies such as Warner and Sony.”   Simply wonderful.


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