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I am shocked that John Podhoretz, as the owner of a showtune collection second only to my own, last night launched his JPod Sings The Great American Insurance Industry Songbook by promoting a false rhyme. After John demanded a rhyme for “indemnity”, Adam Scales offered “unswerving enmity”. That would work if we pronounced indemNITy” to rhyme with “enMITy”. But of course, the emphasis in “inDEMnity” and “ENmity” is on the ante-penult and therefore the rhyme does not work. So we are still awaiting a proper rhyme for indemnity.

I hope I am not approaching this subject with undue solemnity.

To restore his credibility, John needs to come up with a rhyme for “actuarial.”

We now return to more important matters, like a rhyme for “Lee Hamilton.”


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