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Calling Dr. Bollinger


Where is Lee Bollinger? There’s still no word from Columbia University or its president on the promised investigation into the Gilchrist incident. And there’s still no word on punishment for the malefactors. Conservatives must not let this issue slip away. (For some history, see “Bollinger MIA.”)

“By any traditional standard, Lee Bollinger is the worst college president in America.” That’s a quote from a great 2002 piece by Matthew Continetti, “Being Lee Bollinger: The very model of a modern college president.”

I had no idea that Bollinger had a central role in the original “Borking,” or just how bad this “first amendment expert’s” record on free speech really is. Read Continetti…and let’s keep sticking it to Bollinger, until Columbia delivers its report, and until Columbia punishes those responsible for the Gilchrist outrage.


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