“They” & Cheney

by Jonah Goldberg

Interesting interpretation, from a reader:

hey Jonah–   

“They” don’t want you and others at NRO to denounce Ms. Cheney’s
pregnancy to score points for ‘gay rights’–they want conservatives to
denounce it because it’s a sneaky way for them to come back with “Aha!
She’s pregnant and you think she shouldn’t be–Conservatives Hate
Reproductive Freedom!!”  Which would be ironic, since they usually use
that refrain in regards to freedom FROM reproduction; if Ms. Cheney’s
baby is born with a genetic condition like Down Sydrome, they’d denounce
her themselves for daring to assert her right to have the baby.

I’m sure people who actually care about Ms. Cheney and her family
approached her and her partner with their concerns; that should be good
enough for everyone.

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