The Black Watch

by Jonah Goldberg

Just a great name. And, it sounds like they did a great job:

Scots nab terror chief in biggest UK swoop since Iraq invasion
James Lyons In Basra, Iraq
BLACK Watch soldiers captured a terrorist godfather yesterday in the biggest operation by UK troops in Iraq.

The rebel leader and four of his henchmen were seized by an eight-strong Scots snatch squad as part of an operation involving almost 1000 soldiers, mostly British.

The series of raids in Basra also unearthed weapons and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) being prepared for use against allied troops.

Codenamed Operation Pisa, the raids were the result of weeks of planning.

More than 100 men from A Company, 3 Scots (the Black Watch) were involved in the raids in the Al Hartha suburb of the city.

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