Phrase Needed

by Jonah Goldberg

From a reader:

The posturing from the left that they never supported Castro, that the press isn’t biased toward the left, that no one ever took Michael Moore seriously, etc. reminds me that someone needs to coin a phrase that is sort of the opposite of your dad’s “holding paper” (which is a good one).

Holding paper is what you do when you know your opponents are going to deny X years down the road and you have the goods in print to prove otherwise.

We need a new term for when there is so much proof of X that you stopped paying attention to the issue years ago, and then someone comes along and denies it was ever so.  It’s sort of like someone saying the world is flat and when you raise your eyebrows they say “oh yeah?  Prove it.”

Me: I do remember reading something about a former leftist turned anti-Communist conservative responding to an unreconstructed pro-Communist lefty by saying “Your arguments are so old, I’ve forgotten how to answer them.” But maybe there’s something better.

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