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re: Iran and the Security Council


Mario, I agree that Security Council action is going no where.  But I think there’s a broader issue that’s getting forgotten: After Condoleezza Rice announced on May 31, 2006, that Washington would engage and offer material concessions to Tehran, Nick Burns and Philip Zelikow made background calls to policymakers saying that Rice had reached agreement in the Security Council for sanctions if Iran did not comply by a deadline.  That deadline passed more than four months ago.  This leaves two possibilities:  Either Rice and Burns misled about the deal she had achieved, or permanent members of the Security Council lied outright to Washington.  U.S. National Security cannot be based on empty promises or faith alone.  Sometimes it seems that Foggy Bottom’s quest for a UN agreement has about as much chance for success as Wily Coyote’s pursuit of the Road Runner.


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